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Its inherent bohemian chic vibe is versatile.

Whether traveling somewhere tropical or jet setting in a major city, Yvonne S designs achieve a breezy style with ease that you’ll want to pack with you and keep forever.

Yvonne has an eye for pairing amazing color schemes and print combinations and exclusively designs every style and every print by hand at her in-house design studio. Producing three seasonal collections a year, each one is as vibrant and uniquely eclectic from the last.

Yvonne S pieces are entirely gorgeous, undeniably comfortable, and designed with volume to feel free and look beautiful. Her silhouettes, dynamic colors, and handmade prints are distinctly crafted and timeless. All the designs are screen printed on natural, eco-friendly fabric, hand-made on big long tables, hand-cut, and hand sown with precision and care.

The collections now include accessories designed by Yvonne and hand made in Colombia, Mariel’s home country.

Yvonne S proudly supports small village communities and their traditional techniques.

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Yvonne Sporre


Mariel Gamboa