World of Yvonne Sporre

World of Yvonne Sporre

On a vacation to Miami last year, I squeezed in a little work and visited the Cabana show where I discovered a beautiful collection of clothing in prints that were unlike anything I’ve seen in the marketplace. I met the designer, Yvonne Sporre and her business partner, Mariel Gamboa and wanted to go home with them to Ibiza and live in their world! Our first delivery just arrived, and the response to the styles and prints has been amazing.

A real-life fashion fairy tale, Yvonne Sporre’s career began in her early teens when she became a top model, capturing the hearts of major fashion houses. Yvonne went on to collaborate with some of the most prominent photographers in the industry: Serge Lutens, Guy Bourdin, Paolo Roversi and many others. You’ll find her face featured on every magazine cover worldwide between the 70s and 80s. Dior and Shiseido appointed her the face of their houses for many years. Segueing from modeling to styling was a natural pursuit. She was called on by Vogue to act as an editor, and luxury brands worldwide requested her as a style consultant. After many years helping to catapult others’ brands into the spotlight, she decided to make her mark by creating her own line, Yvonne S. The brand features vibrant bohemian, hand printed patterns with whimsical, billowing skirts and a nod to a playful, lighthearted existence. We are so thrilled to be carrying her line at Verdalina.


Interview with Mariel, CEO of Yvonne S:

I know Yvonne began her career as a model during which time she worked closely with some of the biggest names in fashion. How did that evolve into a styling career and then into designing her own brand of clothing? And what made Yvonne want to start her own collection?

Yes, Yvonne started at a very young age and had a great sense of style from this beginning, loving fashion and having become a top model at a very early age paved the way for her to continue in the field in a very natural way. When she stopped modeling she was asked to work for Vogue Italia and this set her off in the magazine editorial career. Quickly creating a name as a top stylist she was then asked my some of the most prestigious luxury brand houses to work as a consultant. To name a few, Loewe, Missoni, Balenciaga and many more. I was the one to push her into doing it for herself instead of everyone else. With my connections in Bali, we hooked up with a production company, and this was the beginning of the label.

Mariel, how did you meet Yvonne and what is your role in the company?

Yvonne and I met in London back in 1995. Back then I was the owner and founder of the TRANOI fashion fair in Paris. Yvonne was then the AD of Koji Tatsuno. We met through a Colombian friend and immediately became friends. From then on we both helped each other in our careers and did quite a few projects together. My role in the company, well, I’m the CEO.  I develop the brand at all levels. 🙂

Is your brand sustainable, and if so, what does sustainability mean to you?

Yes, it is. Sustainability means to us to be as ethical and as organic and fair trade as possible.

Your garments are alive with color and pattern. Are they designed in house, by Yvonne?

All prints are designed by Yvonne.

You reside in Ibiza, and produce in Bali, correct? Why Ibiza and why did you choose Bali to produce your garments?

We live between Ibiza and Paris. We have our factory in Bali. Bali because when I was still the owner of TRANOI I made very good friends with someone who owned a factory there.

How do you balance life with work?

We balance it by loving where we live which in turn makes work always a pleasure. I guess I could say thanks to technology, we are much freer to be where our heart is.

How do you view the world of fashion?

In constant movement.

What are the biggest challenges you face producing your collection?

The rainy season, when it rains it takes much longer for our hand screens to dry…. I prefer not to go too much into how we do our thing; prefer to keep it somewhat a secret…. 🙂

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